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Bloody Birthday BMX Bandits
Maniac Cop Paul McCartney Really Is Dead
Death Hunter: Werewolves vs Vampires Born to Raise Hell
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Female Teacher: Dirty AfternoonSakiko Kurata (Yuki Kazamatsuri), a teacher at Municipal High School #1, is interrupted during sex by a phone call from the Youth Officer at City Hall; he has some questions about a student of hers, Sueko Nomuto. It seems young Sueko was caught with a group of students "smoking marijuana and huffing paint thinner." So, Sakiko puts down the phone and finishes taking it from behind. Say, this might get pretty good... [Read More]

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We've Got a Dat with PROM NIGHT (1980)
Prom Night – that whimsical evening where meaty chemical beakers, filled to spillage with hormones, pour themselves into the most absurd fashionable predilections of the day, practically guaranteeing cringeworthy corsaged portraits, that will only be good for a laugh looking back through time's rear view mirror. This magical evening also serves as the perfect window of vengeance for somehow slighted madmen, hellbent on grisly comeuppance... [Read More]
Throwback Thursday with GILA! (2012)
If there's one thing THE GIANT GILA MONSTER proved back in 1959, it's that while some things were fearsome when writ large, a small, lethargic lizard wasn't one of them. Jim Wynorski's playful and surprisingly wholesome remake doesn't try to alter that legacy. GILA! shows the monster in the first two minutes, but its heart is firmly on-sleeve before that, a romp faithful to the can-do spirit and containable menace of that era's monster movies... [Read More]
Slasher Friday at the SCREAM PARK (2012)
Cary Hill's SCREAM PARK takes the time honored (shopworn?) premise of the throwback slasher film for a spin with an entertaining 90 minutes that features masked maniacs, unleashed breasts and the occasional special effect to liven up the ride.  While it may not be the 5 Star Octopus Loop-Dee-Loop of modern slashers, it steers clear of ending up in the spinning tea cups section as well... [Read More]
Dustin Mills' NIGHT OF THE TENTACLES is a little bit of a Faustian tale with a great deal of borrowing from such horror films as THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, BASKET CASE and BRAIN DAMAGE. The real problem is that it doesn't bring anything new to the table that these other films haven't done before – and far better. It's nowhere in a league with these films and lands more in the range of something like IDLE HANDS. Unfortunately, being compared to IDLE HANDS is more of a hindrance than a blessing for this little independent effort... [Read More]

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