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Dante's InfernoIn keeping with the Porn theme of ER#45, I should plug a few resources that were helpful in this endeavor. Something Weird Video remains one of the world's finest sources for "mature" cinema... from 50s and 60s stripper videos, softcore potboilers and trailer tapes to bizzaro-horror, 70s Eurosleaze and much more. Check out their ad on page 4 of this ish, or send $5 (and a statement of age over 18 with signature) to SWV, PO Box 33664, Seattle, WA 98133.

In addition, SWV has recently published the encyclopedic "Blue Book" which covers their staggering collection of classic porn, mostly from the 1960s and 1970s. If you're looking for the classic loops that kept Times Square alive with smut during those years, you'll probably find them listed here. Send $10 with an age statement to the address above for this amazing publication!

When I lived in New Jersey I had the luxury of residing near Movies Unlimited, one of the finest video rental stores in this, or any, land. Imagine a video haven staffed by knowledgeable film fans, not acne-ridden Tarantino geeks looking to push some straight-to-video abortion down your throat! Stocking the latest from nearly every major and minor vidco, MU was our rental place of choice. Plus, they had a wicked porn selection (soft and hard). Well, we out-of-staters can still order from the Movies Unlimited Mail Order Catalog. The main catalog clocks in at 720 pages, while the extremely thorough Adult Video Catalog is easily the largest I've ever seen at 140+ pages! Call 1-800-4-MOVIES to order yours today.

I'd be remiss if I failed to mention the publication (finally!) of Michael Weldon's PSYCHOTRONIC VIDEO GUIDE (St. Martin's Griffin). Weldon's original PSYCHOTRONIC ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FILM is a highly influential tome in the annals of ER history, and it's still a dog-eared reference book for our staff. (Who am I kidding? I AM our staff!) TPVG boasts a shitload of all-new entries, though I do wish some of the reviews had more critical bite. Still, at 600+ pages it's another indispensible reference work. At your local bookstore, or see the ER Bookstore.

The only sport that gets any play here in the household is the National Hockey League. I don't care what anyone says about basketball players, these guys are the most conditioned bastards on the face of the earth. Solid, Godzilla-like muscle poised on 18" thick blades bearing down on you at ungodly speeds. Granted, many of them have French heritage, and I HATE the French (it all goes back to their cowardice in WW2...don't get me started). On the heels of that topic -- hockey, not Frog-bashing -- comes 'Sudden Death' (Virgin), the latest from the Hanson Brothers (Punk Division). If you thought 'Gross Misconduct' was the one-shot byproduct of SLAPSHOT-obsessed punks, you should walk, nay run, to the local record seller and get this disc. Pronto! What other band can offer a handful of 'ockey-related tracks, a Heino tribute, and a song about The Magic 8-Ball?! I asked my 8-Ball if this was the Hanson's finest hour, and its reply was "No."

The Hockey Hansons (Jeff, Steve, and Dave of SLAPSHOT fame) need our help, too. While namby-pamby scoring prima donnas like Mario Lemieux schwish their way into the Hall of Fame, those that built the game are being ignored in the wake of hockey's "facelift." Help get Dave "Tiger" Williams (the all-time penalty leader and epitome of Old Time Hockey) into the Hall. Write to: PO Box 27070, Collingswood Post Office, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V5R 6A8. Or, e-mail to: poe@conspiracy.com with the subject: Let Tiger In!

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