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There's nothing like some ungodly heat and humidity to get me thanking the air conditioning gods. We're quite lucky that the palatial new ER offices feature all the mod cons...sure, there's a small dishwasher, an annoyingly divided sink, and one of those electric cooktops in the kitchen, but I only have to worry 'bout that when The Hungover Gourmet stops in to drop off a column.

Fortunately, a step up in digs meant full-blown AC for the first time in our existence. Much better than our first office in a South Jersey attic, or the couple months we spent during the hottest summer on record living below a Croat landlord that liked testing the radiators during 90 degree evenings. Never know when one of those pesky August cold snaps is gonna roll into town.

Nah, can't complain too much about the new offices, even if I am having trouble navigating around Ken's stacks of pornos. The time has been right to reacquaint myself with some old pals, and even make some new friends.

Fans of our own Stately Wayne Manor can groove on some other things on Manor's mind in the latest issue of BRUTARIAN. Dom Salemi and Crew have been cranking out that fine mix of movies, music, art, fiction and trash culture for 24 issues now, and this one's a doozy! Besides Manor's always-entertaining rants there's a feature on rock darlings Nashville Pussy and even an interview with those kings of the night time world, KISS! But, takin' the cake, your price of admission feature if you will, is the interview with director John Carpenter.

Carpenter's latest is VAMPYRE$, a rollicking horror action flick starring James Woods that one of our advance scouts recently caught on the other side of the pond. Word has it that the flick delivers the goods, but that's beside the point. Carpenter's an intelligent read, and Dennis Etchinson's interview touches on a wide range of topics.

Do yourself a favor and get the new BRUTARIAN pronto...it's a cheap $12 for the next year's worth, so set aside that beer money and sign yourself up. Checks payable to Dom Salemi to PO Box 25222, Arlington, VCA 22202-9222.

Another old pal that's doing good is Gerald Collier, late of the power-pop band Best Kissers in the World. A little too clever for their own good, the Kissers never got the respect they deserved. Anyway, Collier's out on his own with his second solo disc, this one being self-titled and available on Revolution Records.

Less in the Kissers vein and more in the Wilco or Whiskeytown realm, Collier's always had a way with a phrase, and even when he's lifting a Led Zep riff here or there, it all sounds good. A sleepy, charming little disc that grows on you like mold on a hot day.

Last, but not least, I'd be remiss if I failed to give a big round of applause to Fox and the creative team behind MILLENNIUM. Season two was a smashing success, ending with Lara Means going nutso to a heavy metal beat while Frank's wife walked into the woods to cap herself...heavy stuff. Keep up to date on the latest MILLENNIUM news and rumors with the following links...

That's it for this week. Stay cool, and I mean that literally and figuratively. Until next Friday...

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