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Dante's InfernoEDITOR'S NOTE: Dante's Inferno is no longer published. The commitment to a "regular" column was impossible to fulfill, especially when things like a personal life and work were tossed into the mix. However, yours truly now publishes a weblog (or "blog") that discusses pop culture and other related topics. It can be found at The ER Blog. Thanks for reading!

Archived Columns:

I Prefer to Call it "Being Particular"

Hold Those Goat Horns!

Why Am I So Pissed?

Goodnight Funnyman

Today's Word is "Disappointment"

Lobo Means "Wolf"

What Can I Possibly Say?

You Won't Have 42 to Kick Around Any More!

Could I Have Been Any More Wrong?

What the Hell Have These Teams Won?

2000 Recap

Are You Ready for Some Football? Dante's Fearless NFL 2000 Predictions, Part 2

Are You Ready for Some Football? Dante's Fearless NFL 2000 Predictions, Part 1

The End of 'Millennium' and another Cheesy Top Fill-in-the-Blank List

Where'd the Summer Go? Is This the End? Who's Calling?

Gotta Go Back in Time: A Weekend of Grindhouses and Drive-Ins!

Will the Bat Fly Again -- And More Vinyl Than You Can Shake a Stick At!

Temp Slaves & Crimewaves -- PLUS,The Return of the Meat King!

Computers Are Not Our Friends, But Naked Amateurs Are!

The Hard Truth of Somewhat Old Age

Lovin' Freedom...The Freedom to Lay on the Couch, That Is

Catchin' Up with Some Old Friends

We Move and Fulci Lives

Talkin' Trash...and Hockey

Sex. Fries. And Videotape: The VA Film Festival

Diana Sitings Have Already Begun!

Too Old to Bowl

To Summer Slam...Or Not to Summer Slam?

Look What They've Done to My Dew, ma!

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