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And God Said to Cain (1969)
Review by Bruce Walsh | Available on Unicorn Video

This is a Spaghetti/Streudel Western directed by Anthony(CODENAME: WILDGEESE) Dawson/Antonio Margheriti for Ellios Studio-Rome and Peter Carstens-Munich. It's dubbed but the synch isn't too bad, and it's also in Scope.

K2 is Gary Hamilton, framed, imprisoned, and workin' on a chain gang. Hamilton gets a pardon and returns home to take back his stuff (home, land, money, wife, you know... stuff) which this guy Ackenbar "acquired."

Gary comes to town and the party starts. He takes advantage of a system of catacombs only he knows about, but unfortunately the bulk of the firefight takes place during a sandstorm in the dark.

Best Line: "He's a monster from Hell."

Marcella Michelangeli is the babe playing Mrs. Ackenbar. And, to top things off, there's a touching paranoid-reflex kill!

Good old fashioned fun!


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