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Camp Blood: The Musical (2000)
www.myspace.com/campbloodthemusical | Review by Louis Fowler

Filmed on less than $200, the ultra-indie Camp Blood: The Musical, in its tight thirty-minute runtime, deliver more laughs than all four SCARY MOVIEs combined. And not only is it the funniest genre parody to come along in quite a while, the songs that give it it’s “musical” part of the title are clever, witty and catchy, and instead of acting as some sort of gimmick for the film, these songs actually add to an already well-told story.

If you’re a fan of FRIDAY THE 13TH or SLEEPAWAY CAMP, then I’m sure you’re familiar with the storyline: a groups of kids, suitably stereotyped as the jock, the geek, the “good girl”, the sluts and the druggie, are in charge of a summer camp, only to be offed one-by-one by the typically masked, seemingly unstoppable killer.

Whether reacting to the well-timed “cat jumping out of nowhere” scare to the characters singing about how the audience pays to see teenage girls get naked and skinny-dip, CAMP BLOOD hits all the right notes, with a keen eye to all the subtleties that made these slasher pix so popular. This movie is so fresh and hilarious–it’s actually great to see a parody film that plays up to the geek intricacies of the audiences, instead of just relying on dick’n’fart jokes to appeal to the mainstream.

CAMP BLOOD: THE MUSICAL is destined to become one of those underground classics that those in the know will share with their friends as the party winds down for years to come.


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