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Captive Women SS
aka SS Experiment Love Camp, SS Experiment Camp | Review by Dan Taylor

Captive Women 2The whole "Nazi-film" genre boggles my mind. There's the "Nazi comedy" (WHICH WAY TO THE FRONT?, STALAG 17, THE PRODUCERS), the "crush the Nazis" war flick (WHERE EAGLES DARE, VON RYAN'S EXPRESS), and even the "let's foil the Nazis" escape flick (VICTORY, THE GREAT ESCAPE).

But, it's the Nazi soft-core porn genre that's the most amazing. It's like producers sat around and thought, "Hey, you know what'd make the most heinous episode in modern history easier to take? TITS!"

The seemingly endless stream of these movies (bondage catalogs received at ERHQ frequently offer films with Nazi sex-camp themes) obviously hit their high point with the likes of the notorious ILSA: SHE WOLF OF THE SS which, in retrospect, isn't even that good of a movie.

Tonight's entry in the SS Sleaze Sweepstakes comes from Axis co-conspirators the Italians, lookin' to save a little face for that whole world domination thang. As if urinating on the corpse of their former leader wasn't enough of an apology.

Director Sergio Garrone and a cast of people whose names end in vowels whip up a sweaty tale of sex experiments (hence the more sensical alternate title), beady-eyed Nazi guards, a dykey housefrau, captive women (hence this title), and German soldiers who look suspiciously like oily Eye-talians.

There's also a couple sneakily more interesting subplots going on, one involving a doctor who isn't what he appears to be, as well as a Nazi officer who gets a penis transplant from the stud of the soldier crop! Yikes...imagine the ratings 'Hogan's Hero's' could've gotten!

As expected, some of the flick's cinematic highlights come thanks to the atrocious dubbing and insane dialogue. "You stink like a bunch of sheep" is up there, but I'm partial to "With all these beautiful women arriving I hope it's a secret mission of a sexual nature. Heh, heh."

It's no wonder the Krauts lost the war if this is the kind of nonsense they were concentrating on!

The version available from VSOM is the uncut version entitled SS EXPERIMENT LOVE CAMP.

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