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Daddy Darling (1970)
Retro-Seduction Cinema | Buy at Amazon | Review by Sinferno

One has only to look at the myriad of titles on this website to realize that incest was actually a viable genre of erotica in bygone decades. Thankfully in today’s age of talk show enlightenment, most rational, God-fearing adults know fully well that nothing good can come from father and daughter lying down together. Even if you were to forget the emotional toll, the probability of mutated offspring and the sheer illegal audacity of such couplings, there is something very unsavory, unnatural and ultimately unsatisfying about an Elektra complex. This is kind of the entire point of DADDY DARLING.

First of all, I hate giving away the plot to a film that actually strove to have one, but I feel compelled to say that there is no actual incest in this movie. There's a slight creepy dream sequence sex scene (but it's a necessary representation of the protagonist's feelings). The movie explores the coming of age of 19-year-old Katja (pronounced Caught-ya!) and her lustful feelings for her father that have been developing as undeniably as her own young womanly assets. (Katja looks reminiscent of a young Drew Barrymore from the film DOPPELGANGER, ironically enough). The situation comes to a head when her father informs Katja that he is about to be married. To add insult to injury, Katja’s new stepmother soon moves in and she must listen to the sweet sounds of conjugal relations from her father’s bedroom.

This forces Katja into her own sexual awakening and she starts experimenting with her best friend’s boyfriend and the female art teacher at the school (and you thought it was just the female gym teachers who were like that). In time, using her newfound skills, Katja devises a way she can remove her stepmother once and for all – once daddy finds out of course…

And there we have it, this is pretty much the crux of DADDY DARLING, a soft-core porn that just happened to have a pretty decent plot, character development and storyline. The incest angle should not scare away potential audiences, because her feelings for her father are not acted upon in any meaningful, actual, real way. This is perhaps one of the softest movies I have yet to review for this site and surely the only one I would recommend for a first date. Provided, of course, that your date doesn’t have young, coming-of-age daughters in the same room during viewing.

Sinferno Says...
Yucko/Neato Factor: This is a normal, unrated film with a delicate subject matter that thankfully is not explored with the usual ham-fisted approach so common to sexploitation. This makes it often times beautiful, often times very “Lifetime Movie”.
Production Values: Denmark is beautifully depicted, but the transfer to DVD from the original weatherworn negatives was so poor that there were very few scenes that didn’t look like a string wasn’t perpetually caught in the projector spindle. The producers mention of the quality issues in the nice full color DVD booklet and admit no better print of the film exists. Also half the women (not Katja) in this movie look like men in drag.
Realism: Everything that happened in this film could happen to a crazy, bi-curious beautiful Danish teen who was endowed like a Vegas Showgirl.
Value for Price: I’m torn. Movie was well crafted, but poorly presented (damaged print), It was a scary subject matter that was responsibly depicted, but so very tame compared to other movies from this vendor. $16.99 is a few dollars too much.
Plot: Katja, as the film DADDY DARLING itself, was able to portray so much more emotion, passion and maturity than might be expected by the box art or the genre that spawned it. But there were long tedious moments of this film that made me forget I was watching something only available to a niche market through the internet.

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