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Deadly Sanctuary aka Justine (1968)
Review by Bruce Walsh

In 1968, Towers Films popped this period piece potpourri of persecution out for our perusal. Sorry! Directed by Jess Franco, this is the film version of the Marquis De Sade story, "Justine." This would appear to be the R rated version of the literary masterpiece, but unfortunately, a TV editor would only have to trash about 1:30 minutes. The trademark Franco closeups hurt some of the better scenes, especially in Scope. Jack Palance narrates. What a guy.

K2 is the literary giant himself, however his role is limited to a few scenes of writing and pouting in a cell, and of course, the all important fondling of babes in stockades. He has no dialogue.

Justine (Romina Power...babe) and Juliette (Maria Rohm...eh) are sisters who have to leave the convent because their dead parent's money ran out. Juliette has a friend they can stay with...it's a bordello, and Justine'll have no part of it.

They go their separate ways, and it turns into an essay on virtue. In the Franco tradition, this baby's packed with nifty stuff: killer babes and babes who kill, a branding scene (human), murder, bondage, accupuncture, a thieving priest, a dyke murderess, whores, love, hate, a cult dedicated to the pursuit of ultimate passion, breasts.

Not to mention a topless Sylvana (BATTLE OF NERETVA) Koscina as some marquessa or other, and a constantly naked Rosemary Dexter as Claudine, murderess/whore.

All around entertaining fun flick.

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