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A Fistful of Death (aka Giu La Testa... Hombre!) (1970)
Trans World Entertainment Video | Review by Dan Taylor

Despite top billing on the cassette box, ol' Klaus has a very small (okay, miniscule) role in this tale of double-crossing and revenge in the Old West. Butch Cassidy and his gang are walking through the desert sans horses, food and ammo. When they come across the fully-stocked Carson gang they shoot them full o' holes and leave 'em for dead. As dumb luck (and the screenwriter's concept of an original idea) would have it, one of the guys lives and devotes his life to exacting revenge on Butch and crew.

Kinski portrays Reverend Cotten, a long-haired preacher who excels at horseshoes and fistfighting. Not a role that'll show up on his obit filmography, but one that illustrates the Kinsker's ability to infuse even the lamest role with his own wacky style of acting.

While A FISTFUL OF DEATH fails at it's attempted mix of the Lone Ranger and Butch Cassidy legends into a cohesive whole, it is a fairly entertaining (if episodic and confusing) spaghetti western.

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