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Jill The Ripper (2000)
Review by Dan Taylor

Somewhere along the line I became a Dolph Lundgren fan. Maybe "fan" isn't the right word. Perhaps "completist" is a better description.

Frankly, I'm not sure where this happened and I'm definitely not sure why, but I've seen everything from MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE to PENTATHALON, THE PUNISHER to BLACKJACK. So, I guess it shouldn't have surprised me when this flick showed up in my mailbox courtesy of NetFlix. Troubling thing is, I don't remember putting it on my list, and I certainly don't remember placing it at the top of a list that's typically 100+ flicks long.

What was my frame of mind when I decided that this synopsis was appealing? "When his high powered brother is brutally murdered by a serial killer, Murray Wilson launches his own investigation, infiltrating the powerful underground world of political intrigue and illicit affairs. What he discovers is a twisted realm of sexual bondage, corruption and violence." Murray Wilson? On what planet does Dolph Lundgren look like he'd be named Murray Wilson?!!

Unfortunately, what they neglect to tell you is that the tale is set in late-1970s Boston, has all the somnambulic pacing of a bad TV movie, wants to be clever in that Italian giallo flick way, and has the misfortune of showcasing our "hero" in a bondage contraption complete with ball gag! Ick...

What seems to be lost on the Lundgrens of the world is that we want to see them kicking ass and taking names. Not showing their weepy, sensitive side. And especially not hanging upside down in some leather-clad dominatrix's den of pleasure and pain.

JILL THE RIPPER is a deathly dull affair, made even more disappointing by the fact that it was directed by Anthony Hickox, who came to our attention with winners like WAXWORK (and semi-stinkers like SUNDOWN). Hopefully, he and Lundgren can both bounce back from what is a career low-point. One can't imagine it getting much worse than this.

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