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The Little Drummer Girl (1984)
Review by Bruce Walsh
Warner Bros. Home Video

George Roy Hill directed this romp through terrorism from John Le Carre's bestselling novel. K2 stars as the Masad (Israeli terroristic/counter-terrorist unit) operations chief. Diane Keaton is Charlie, the actress recruited by Josef (Yorgo Voyagis) to help capture Kahlil (Sami Frey) the evil terrorist.

Unfortunately, the terrorist training camp is rather glossed over and we're inundated with a very long pseudo-brainwashing thing. The babe element is limited to Tobi (Smadar Brener), one of the members of the Masad unit, and her total screen time only amounts to 3 minutes.

K2 is superb as the "victory at all costs" chief. A long 2 hours and 10 mintues.

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