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Naked Obsession (1991)
Vestron Home Video | review by Dan Taylor

Naked Obsesion starring William KattMost recent stripper-in-peril flicks (SHOWGIRLS, STRIPTEASE) look and feel like they were directed by someone who's never set foot in a low-grade titty bar. Flashing lights, high-dollar champagne, and girls that look like Demi Moore or Elizabeth Berkley? Apparently they never slid over to the Riviera Motor Lodge/Go-Go Bar, conveniently located next to the Pennsauken Mart. Where's the big-haired Jersey chicks rubbin' their scarves between their legs, lonely sociopaths masturbating through their sweatpants and underage college students spewing vomit all over the bathroom stalls?

But, leave it to an exploitation filmmaker to get all the subtleties and nuances of Stopless Go-Go down to a "t" and an "a." In fact, let's have a big round of applause right now for director Dan Golden, the man behind the helm of NAKED OBSESSION, the single best titty-bar exploitationer since the classic STRIPPED TO KILL!

William (BIG WEDNESDAY) Katt stars as an up and coming city councilman with his eyes on the mayor's office. Sure, he's gotta deal with a nagging wife (Wendy MacDonald), overbearing lobbyist (Tommy Hinkley), and watchful secretary (Elena Sahagan), but that's a cakewalk. Especially after he gets carjacked and robbed while patrolling the seamy side of town known as "Dante's Square."

Things take a turn -- it's hard to tell if they're for the worse or the better -- once he's befriended by a creepy wino named Sam Silver who utters pithy bon mots like, "Drinks and friends are hard to come by, better not turn one down." Especially the kind of friend who's gonna drag you to The Ying Yang Bar and introduce you to perky-breasted, milky-skinned, blonde strippers with erotic asphyxiation fetishes like Lynn (played by the perky-breasted, milky-skinned, Maria Ford, whose fetishes are unknown to the editors of this publication).

Not to give much else away, but the candidate's life jumps on an expressway to hell once he gives in to desire and jams Lynn, becomes suspected in a handful of murders, possibly causes the death of a cop (ex-NFL star Roger Craig), and gets fingered in an apparent blackmail scheme. Whew!

Golden definitely knows how to pace a flick, and NO briskly moves through its 87-minute running time due in large part to Katt and Dean (an ER fave thanks to roles in CARNOSAUR 2 & 3), a witty script, and plot devices that require each and every female character to end up with her top off! And look for fellow exploitation helmer Fred Olen Ray as the club's sleazy MC.

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