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Night Eyes (1990)
Prism Home Video | Review by Dan Taylor

Night Eyes starring Andrew Stevens and Tanya RobertsThey should've titled this one WHAT SOME GUYS WON'T DO FOR SEX.

Andrew Stevens is a security guard hired by a slagging British rock star to get some dirt on his soon-to-be-ex-wife. Under the guise of protecting her, Stevens begins watching the goings-on in her bedroom, all the while falling in love with her. And she begins falling in love with him...or does she?

This confusing "erotic thriller" (in other words, a whodunit with nudity) has a halfway decent mystery to it, with the naive security guard (in the 40s he would've been an ex-cop turned detective) falling for the leggy damsel in distress who may or may not be playing him for the chump. Yet it's tough to care since Stevens comes across as rather smug (and for WHAT?), and Tanya Roberts (as the femme fatale) is such an incredible ditzbag that even her nude scenes hold little or no interest for the seasoned veteran. [If you want sleazy Tanya with lots of nudity, pick up the unrated edition of Fred Olen Ray's INNER SANCTUM some time.]

In a rather eye-popping bit of callousness, the flick contains two awkwardly good-natured rape references that surprised even this jaded viewer. In one scene, Roberts encourages Stevens to "rape" her in a sex game, while in another Roberts's friend asks if the hunky Stevens has "raped [her], or anything good like that." I know it's exploitation, but that's sort of uncalled for.

A sleazy mystery that doesn't compare to superior, sleazier efforts like Dan Golden's NAKED OBSESSION.

[Editor's Note: Stevens would return two more times as the same character, with Shannon Tweed starring as different characters in both films! Stevens even stepped up to the plate as director for the third installment in this, the STAR WARS trilogy of surveillance-guy-set-up-for-the-fall flicks.]

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