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The Rescue (1988)
Touchstone Home Video | Review by Dan Taylor

The Rescue starring Kevin DIllonThe story involves a bunch of kids on a Naval base. Their dads are all Navy Seals, a crack squad of specialists who have been called in to rescue the crew of a sub in North Korean waters and then destroy the sub. Being the crack squad that they are, they get caught by some guys who haven't worked since M*A*S*H went off the air and thrown into some rathole prison until their trial/conviction/execution as spies.

Now here's where the kids come in. When they learn that the Navy can't/won't try a rescue attempt, they steal the TOP SECRET rescue plans and decide to carry it out themselves. Naturally.

There are several large problems with the flick. First off, do you remember THE WRAITH, where everyone was either the offspring or sibling of someone famous? Well, the producers of RESCUE couldn't afford that, so they got people who look like someone famous! There's the Eric Stoltz-a-like, a chick who closely resembles Phoebe "Miniseries" Cates, a little kid who you'd swear was Fred Savage and someone who looks like he could be Matt Dillon's brother. Oh right, I forgot...he is Matt Dillon's brother! Throw in "Skippy" from 'Family Ties' and we're all set.

Second, the flick (allegedly based on an idea by Sam Fuller!) makes it all look far too easy. That a group of high schoolers can steal TOP SECRET plans with ease is a scary thought. That they can succeed where the US government fears to go is even more depressing. Then, of course, they DID have a leather-wearin', beer-drinkin', motorcycle-ridin', earring-sportin' Kev Dillon on their side. He broods and bravados his way all over the screen as the rebellious kid who just can't cope with dad Edward Albert's demands.

But when the group of kids infiltrate the prison compund and release their captured daddies, all is well and they receive a hero's welcome. Oh, did I spoil it? Did you think that maybe the kids were all captured and slaughtered in a hail of gunfire? Shit man, this is American cinema we're talking about. And during the Reagan era to boot!

Well, this Jr. RAMBO/MISSING IN ACTION/UNCOMMON VALOR is an entertaining (if ridiculous) enough way to spend 90 minutes. Grab some beers, get a bunch of friends together and play "Hey Isn't That (Fill in Name of Star Here)?"

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