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The Story of O Continues aka Fruits of Passion (1980)
Republic Home Video
Review by Bruce Walsh

Yet another one of those Japanese-French Co-Pro's, produced by Argus Films and Tereyama Productions.

This baby sports two directors, and that may explain a few things. Anatole Dawman directed the interiors (the bulk of the flick) from Paris. Hiroko Govaers is responsible for the rest in Tokyo.

Set in China in the late 1920s, this is a tale of Kink and Revolution. K2 is Sir Stephen the weathly Westerner. Isabelle Illiers is "O", the innocent sex slave and wife of Sir S. Arielle (LACE) Dombasle is Natalie, lover of Sir S. and overall hot babe.

Plot? "O" goes to work in a bordello at Sir S's request, in order to strengthen their love. Meanwhile, the Clandestine Coolie Commission goes to Sir S. for a loan toward the revolution.

This is a Symbolistic, Surrealistic, Sadomasochistic, Seminal Flow of a flick. Loaded with birds and old Orientals and opium. There's a midget with a bird head ruling a flaming hoop, an odd rocking bird sex machine, a guy with a poking fetish, a child abuse/dog thing, a piano playing in the river and Death waltzing in and out of most scenes.

And always remember, "Pleasure can be shared, suffering is for Stephen and me."

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