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Tromeo & Juliet (1996)
Troma Video | Review by Dan Taylor

Some flicks require the intense effort that I put into writing my reviews. (Pause here for laughter. Continue.) Others can be summed up better just from my notes scribbled upon viewing. Troma's street-level romance/action flick TROMEO & JULIET begs for the latter treatment. Years in the making, the flick elicited the following when watching the exclusive director's cut hosted by Troma honcho Lloyd Kauffman...

Trailers for TOMCAT ANGELS and TEENAGE CAT GIRLS IN HEAT..."I have some crystal meth in my underwear. Let's go down to the men's bathroom and snort it up"...narrated by Lemmy...on-screen nipple piercing...the idiotic senseless violence of every great Troma release...still using the ol' "finger through the table" gag...why does everything look like it was shot in the mid-1980s on stock leftover from THE TOXIC AVENGER?...that sound you hear is Shakespeare rolling over in his grave (maybe Christopher Marlowe, too)..."one word, more fat"..."Listen, I'm gonna go jerk off in my hand and swish it around in the punch bowl"...spurned lesbians...oodles of toilet humor...3-ft. penis monster...boy-crazy priests...Troma loves that out- the-window-shot...nothing like some vomit.

Editor's Note: Be sure to read our chat with TROMEO star and B-queen Debbie Rochon.

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