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The Unborn (1991)
RCA Home Video | Review by Dan Taylor

Brooke Adams in The UnbornEasily the best science-gone-awry-mutant-baby flick since 1987's utterly madcap THE KINDRED.

Unable to have a child by natural means -- though not for lack of trying -- Brooke Adams and hubby visit genetics specialist James Karen. The treatment works, and soon Brooke finds herself preggers... but it ain't quite the wonderful event people tell me it is. Instead, Brooke and other patients of the good doctor start experiencing oozing rashes and psychic links with their UNBORN babies.

Pretty soon, the movie overloads with every nickel and dime exploitation idea ever created -- and to great effect! There's exploding navels, bitchy talk show hostesses, killer lesbians (in the film's most sparkling scene), ersatz embryos, car crashes, mutant babies, self-abortions and a back alley abortionist played by Rick Dean from NAKED OBSESSION and CARNOSAUR 2 and 3!

Adams -- a dead ringer for Karen Allen in some scenes, Mare Winningham in others (ew!) -- is great as the crazed mutant-mother-to-be, trying to piece together the zany events while her world crumbles around her. A disturbing stretch in the middle of the film is nicely lifted from REPULSION.

It's flicks like THE UNBORN that give me hope!

[Editor's Notes: Gary ("Cars") Numan did the music for the flick! THE UNBORN 2 followed a few years later starring Scott Valentine, also in CARNOSAUR 3. THE UNBORN's director -- Rodman Flender -- went on to a successful career in tv directing, helming episodes of such hits as 'Party of Five' and 'Dawson's Creek', as well as the films LEPRECHAUN 2 and IN THE HEAT OF PASSION.]

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