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Wild Honey (1970)
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From Don Edmunds, director of several Ilsa movies comes this Cinderella story gone horribly, horribly wrong about a young 60's hip chick who gets involved in a scene that expands her horizons even as it consumes her whole. A moral fable, disguised as a sexplotation roughie fashioned as a loose cautionary tale about why you shouldn't party with guys wearing black robes in the Hollywood hills, there is still enough here to make you ponder the true nature of morality, the decay of social mores; modern values and even to just blink and wonder "what the hell" to yourself.

When our tale begins, Gypsy, (played by Donna Young) is a poor innocent farm girl who looks exactly like a cross between Linda Blair and Jane Fonda in their primes yet knows nothing of the ways of the day. But this all changes when a beatnik named Mick shows up on his Japanese bike and starts working for her father. It isn't long before Mick and Gypsy become lovers and this thing becomes a very usual story about coming of age, growing up and sexual liberation. But no sooner does she offer up her virginity to Mick then she comes home only to have her father try and molest her. Mick is there to save the day, and together they beat the old man down and hit the road together in search of love and adventure on the back of his bike.

Think you know the rest of this story? Real cult cinema fans know that the only indication of what is about to happen next rests in the hands of director Don Edmunds so marriage isn't exactly isn't in Gypsy's future though admittedly it does involve a white gown and some kind of ritualistic ceremony..

While Mack does express concern for Gypsy, he hates being tied down to anyone and anything and when they meet some hippies on a California beach and Gypsy tries acid and eventually starts having sex with a large black man, he leaves for good after merely threatening to do so for a third and final time (how very progressive). This forces Gypsy to turn to her own devices to survive on the mean nudie bar streets of Hollywood where she eventually becomes a nude model then gets conscripted into service of all kinds by a lesbian madam who becomes something of the mother figure that Gypsy never had, except for the fact they often engage in sapphic sex with each other.

But because Gypsy has come full circle, growing from a sweet, demure farm girl into an exclusive, expensive escort that drives a Maserati she once again leaves the nest, provided by her would-be matron/pimp and starts partying with the exact same hippies who originally got her turned on to the scene in the first place. Yet because Helter Skelter hasn't happened yet, no one suspects that her former party pals are actually members of an insane, deviant religious sex cult. I don't want to spoil the final scene for anyone, but judging by the size and shape of the pagan idol, apparently these hippie heathens worship John Holmes and attempt to make some sort of sacrifice out of her. Remember the ending of the WICKER MAN? Try to think of this final sacrificial scene as the "Dicker Woman" and our synopsis is complete.

WILD HONEY was trite, stupid and unrealistic but it did have varied thematic music for every setting and the flesh was excessive. I'll admit to one thing, this film was so damned random, switching between moral message and quasi-explicit action so frequently that I found myself not predicting what was going to happen next, something that hardly ever happens to me when I watch a film. WILD HONEY was an aptly-named little flick that was sweet and sticky at first, but just when you start to enjoy its fleshy nectar it stings you at the end... does this look swollen to you?

Sinferno Says...
Yucko/Neato Factor: This one hurt my suspension of disbelief, but the ending was no small stretch.
Production Values: Great and varied music, bu the tape was damaged in some places making some of the sex scenes look like they were done in stop-motion using a Barbie Doll.
Realism: Hippies are dirty people. I just never knew HOW DIRTY.
Value for Price: For $10.00 it's worth putting on a DVD shelf just to frighten the romantic comedies.
Plot: There wasn't so much a point to this thing as much as there was a sudden protrusion.



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