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Zombie 3 (1988)
Media Blasters | Review by Dan Taylor

While this flick is included in "The Lucio Fulci Collection," it's important to note that ZOMBIE 3 was actually completed by Bruno Mattei (NIGHT OF THE ZOMBIES, RATS: A NIGHT OF TERROR) after Fulci's principal photography on the picture wrapped. Stories differ as to why Mattei was brought in, but if you're interested in renting something called ZOMBIE 3 I'm guessing who did what when really isn't that important!

Like any good zombie flick worth half its budget, Z3 starts out with (cue synth music) SCIENCE GONE AWRY! Sure enough, there's a guy in a glass chamber who bears a striking resemblance to David Carradine as Grasshopper until he starts to throw up blood, mutates and breaks out of the flimsy zombie containment chamber.

After some "Death 1 Compound" gets stolen by terrorists, I think we're all a little surprised to discover that it's more deadly than they imagined. So, let me get this straight... you called something "Death 1 Compound," yet it's deadlier than the name implies??? Well, I have to admit that anything that creates that much billowy smoke and bad synth music rarely amounts to anything good.

Those of you who have seen a zombie flick (or ten) would probably expect the pesky terrorists to show up at a hospital and infect everybody. Apparently unable to afford a hospital set, the producers substitute an old motel. Well, it's not just a motel, it's more like a resort filled with automatic weapons and flamethrowers.

After the initial zombie attack, some random military personnel is sent in to the Zombie Zone to wipe out the minimum wage zombies that are still causing problems around the motel. One big question we were left pondering: How did the resort fall into such ruin in the space of a week? Were the phone lines, furniture and plants infected with Death One, too?

Alright, alright, I'm nitpicking. Guilty as charged! What you want is the details, details, details that will help you decide between ZOMBIE 3 and, say, ZOMBIE 4.

You can rest assured that they've dug up the ol' blind black DJ who figures into the flick's "shock" ending. The zombies are not your typically plodding passive zombies who're just waiting to get blasted in their empty heads. Nope, we've got a little bit of machete wielding from our undead, and there's even zombie birds, a zombie baby, camouflage zombies, pajama-clad zombies, an inspired flying zombie head and more fog, moaning, groaning and plodding synth music than you can shake a zombie at.

In other words, I've seen worse.

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