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Exploitation Retrospect #53: 30th Anniversary Issue/Winter 2017
The Journal of Junk Culture and Fringe Media returns with a super-sized 30th anniversary issue clocking in at 130 pages.

  • This time out the ER Crew looks at the world of horror anthology films with a special review section featuring SLAUGHTER TALES (2012), TORTURE GARDEN (1967), THE UNCANNY (1977), TOMB OF TERROR (2004), HOLIDAYS (2016), GRIM PRAIRIE TALES (1990), ASYLUM (1972), THE BURNING MOON (1992), CRADLE OF FEAR (2007), SCREAMS OF A WINTER NIGHT (1979) and many more.
  • Plus, we look inside the world of 21st century anthology flicks with filmmaker Scarlet Fry. We remember THE DESTROYER co-creator Warren Murphy with an interview by The Paperback Fanatic and examine the legacy of Don Pendleton's Mack Bolan (THE EXECUTIONER) and other men's action heroes via reviews, articles and an interview with author Mike Newton.
  • Obscure horror gets its due thanks to an interview with Gary Wallace (star of video store oddity THE JAR) while Evan Romero waxes nostalgic about Joe D'Amato's PORNO HOLOCAUST and breaks down the films of Jorg Buttgereit.
  • Longing for the sights, sounds and smells of old movie theaters? Take a trip through Kris Gilpin's theatrical scrapbook while Chris Poggiali examines the history of hot pants cinema.
  • And what would an issue of Exploitation Retrospect be without a bulging review section? Join Douglas Waltz, Mitch Lovell, John Grace, Devin Kelly, David Zuzelo, Jim Ivers, Evan Romero, Eric Miller, Neil Vokes, Robert Segedy, Mike Hauss and Dan Taylor as they dive deep into a video vortex of horror, action, exploitation and sleaze.
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Exploitation Retrospect #52: Fall 2014
The journal of junk culture and fringe media returns with an action-packed 64-page issue featuring a Remo Williams-inspired cover from award-winning illustrator Neil Vokes plus more content than we've ever packed in our pages, including:

  • WET FINGERS, FOGGED DONGS & SAPPHIC SLAPFIGHTS: A Penetrating Poke at Nikkatsu Erotic Films by David Zuzelo.
  • CRIMINAL DECAPITATION OF A CAN'T LOSE CONCEPT: Chuck Francisco gets in the bunker and looks at the history of Nazi Zombie cinema.
  • LANCASTER-PLOITATION: Midnight Movie Cowboy John Grace tackles two of the big screen bully's polar opposite works from the 1970s.
  • BLOOD, BRAWLS & BULLETS: Live Hard as the ER Crew dives into the manly world of men's adventure novels and action cinema complete with an appreciation of the one, the only, The Destroyer by author CE Martin.
  • Plus, a heaping helping of horror, sci-fi and sleaze film reviews as only ER can!
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Exploitation Retrospect #51: Fall 2012 – SOLD OUT!
SHOCK CINEMA calls ER #51 "chock full of schlocky cinema and savvy analysis" while LIQUID CHEESE raves "do yourself a favor and order one NOW!". The digest-sized 56-page issue features a full-color cover and an awesome lineup of articles, features and reviews including:

  • AN ANGEL FOR SATAN: The Gothic Eurohorrors of Barbara Steele by Bryan Senn, author of A YEAR OF FEAR, SIXTIES SHOCKERS and GOLDEN HORRORS to name a few.
  • BETWEEN SHEETS AND ROPES: Pro Wrestling and Its Scandalized Sibling Pornography – an ER exclusive by Jonathan Plombon
  • NOSFERATU IN VENICE: An Appreciation by Rondo Award-winning illustrator Neil Vokes complete with original artwork
  • Kami McInness' look at Ozploitation entitled A SIX PACK, STINKY FINGER AND THE LONG DRIVE HOME
  • Plus, David Zuzelo on Bruno Mattei's THE JAIL, video, zine and comic reviews!

This issue is currently sold out and we are unable to use our previous printer. However, we are currently working on a reprint and will make it available at the site and on Amazon as soon as possible.


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