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Exploitation Retrospect Rides Again!
ER #51 – THIRD Printing in Stock!

As part of the Revenge of Print project being spearheaded by the likes of Quimby's Bookstore and Atomic Books, we've dusted off the old scanner, hauled out the long-reach stapler and got the gang back together for another issue.

And the reviews are in! SHOCK CINEMA calls ER #51 "chock full of schlocky cinema and savvy analysis" while LIQUID CHEESE raves "Do yourself a favor and order one NOW!".

The digest-sized 56-page issue features a full-color cover and an action-packed lineup of articles, features and reviews including:

  • AN ANGEL FOR SATAN: The Gothic Eurohorrors of Barbara Steele by Bryan Senn, author of A YEAR OF FEAR, SIXTIES SHOCKERS and GOLDEN HORRORS to name a few.
  • BETWEEN SHEETS AND ROPES: Pro Wrestling and Its Scandalized Sibling Pornography – an ER exclusive by Jonathan Plombon
  • NOSFERATU IN VENICE: An Appreciation by Rondo Award-winning illustrator Neil Vokes complete with original artwork
  • Kami McInness' look at Ozploitation entitled A SIX PACK, STINKY FINGER AND THE LONG DRIVE HOME
  • Plus, David Zuzelo on Bruno Mattei's THE JAIL, video, zine and comic reviews!

Ordering is easy – just use the button below to place an order on-line or send $6 cash ONLY (no checks or money orders, please!) and your shipping address to: Dan Taylor, PO Box 5531, Lutherville, MD 21094-5531. International shipments are $9.00.

Domestic Shipping
(US & Territories) – $6.00
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